Meet The Team

Shlomo Rabinovich

Founder and CEO

Shlomo, a physical education teacher in his education, immigrated with his parents to Israel from Ukraine in 1973.

Upon his immigration to Israel, he worked in the field of food. In 1990 he established Protary Marketing Ltd. with his wife Luba.

Shlomo’s success is based on first-rate human relations, personal charm, professionalism and expertise in the food industry and determination to achieve success without question.

Shlomo is the engine and heart that drives the company.

Protary Ltd

Meet The Team

Luba Rabinovich

Founder and VP

Luba, a computer engineer by profession, immigrated with her parents to Israel from Ukraine in 1973. In 1990, she founded Protary Marketing Ltd. with her husband Shlomo.

Luba’s success is based on reliability, rigor, command and control capabilities that have maintained the Company’s stability and growth over the years.

Boris Solodkin

VP Marketing and Purchasing

Boris began working at Protary in 1990 with the establishment of the company and together with the founders helped build and grow the company.

He later became vice president of marketing and procurement, Boris’s contribution is based on management ability, control of all areas and understanding of the market.