Solomon Rabinovich

Founder and CEO



Solomon, a physical education teacher in his education, immigrated with his parents to Israel from Ukraine in 1973.

Upon his immigration to Israel, he worked in the field of food. In 1990 he established Protary  Marketing Ltd. with his wife Luba.

Solomon success is based on first-rate human relations, personal charm, professionalism and expertise in the food industry and determination to achieve success.

Solomon is the engine and heart that drives the company.




about us

Protary was founded in 1990 and has become Israel's leading importer and distributor of food and beverage products among immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

The main logistics center is located in Yad Benyamin .

Today, Protary has about 60 employees and covers an area of about 4,000 square meters of computerized logistics center in Yad Benyamin warehouses, offices and refrigeration rooms.

Protary has a wide range of products reaching 1,500 points of sale throughout the country by direct marketing in the company's trucks. The driving force behind the company is based on an advanced concept of innovation, service, reliability and loyalty.

In Protary, emphasis was placed on personal and courteous attention to each customer, and emphasis on quality assurance.

Protary is known for its fast and reliable distribution and for its close relationship with its customers.

Protary manufactures its products in leading factories in Israel and abroad, while conducting comprehensive research that guarantees the customer only unique and high quality products known under the familiar brand "Posolsky Dvor".